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CACoP Survey 2023 – we seek your input

12 September 2023


We have issued a survey to seek your views on the Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP) principles, how the CACoP Forum and its member Energy Codes are meeting these, and the products and services that we provide. You can download our survey below, which contains the questions we seek your input on. This survey will be open until Friday 27 October 2023.
Download the CACoP Survey

What do we seek your views on?

We have reviewed the CACoP document and are proposing some changes be made - a copy of our proposed redlined changes is included in the survey. We seek your views on these and any other thoughts on the CACoP principles. Following this survey, the Forum will consider your comments before submitting its final recommended changes to Ofgem for decision.
  • We are proposing including a new principle that encourages Code Administrators to consider the potential impacts on the end consumer and on the move to net zero arising from any Modification.
  • We are also proposing a further new principle to reflect Code Administrators providing support and input to Ofgem on Code Reform and Consolidation.
  • We have also carried out a general review of the document to better align wording across the principles, update the indicative Modification timetable to better reflect Modification timelines, and correct other minor errors and inconsistencies.
We are also keen to get your thoughts on the products and services we provide as a Forum, and whether there is more we can do. We provide several products to support you in navigating cross-Code changes, including the Central Modifications Register and the Horizon Scanner, which are available here. We also seek your views on our communications, including this website, our Newsletter, and our LinkedIn page.